What About Bob?

What About Bob?


In Bob’s own words:

   My vision is to add to public appreciation of art by creating attractions to given public areas, beautifying buildings (some historical) and maintaining a sense of pride and ownership within the community. As a graphics designer with an expertise in larger-than-life designs, I create eye- appealing environments, which compliment a prescribed ambiance or motif.  I encompass multiple detailed and focal areas into life-like settings with accurate attention to detail and accuracy, expand confined, enclosed space with added color and perspective.  Having the understanding and vision of ideas and transforming them into desired compositions that make for impressive graphic presentations.  As a northwest Artist, I am familiar with much of its history.  I research my projects and apply that knowledge with accuracy to detail and perspective to create both historical and modern environments, sometimes intertwining the two.  

Working as a community artist and designer, I personalize my designs to entail local, familiar persons and places within the community to give the viewer a ” feeling of ownership”.  I believe then that art becomes a matter of community pride and insures the community, as a whole; values and appreciates what they can call “their own”.  I take pride in my accomplishment of these public art works, which have taken plain un-noticed walls and turned them into beautifying, community centerpiece attractions.


Bob Henry is a graphics designer and muralist with an expertise in larger-than-life designs. As some of his work can attest to, Bob researches his projects and applies that knowledge with accuracy to detail and perspective to create both historical and modern themes; sometimes intertwining the two.  Bob has experience in working within the Public Art arena, committees, location identification, and design to fit environments.

 With over 30 years experience as a professional pictorial graphics artist Bob, has created alternative systems for wall graphics for both indoor and outdoor applications. He has expertise in design and paint application from glass surfaces, wood, metal, and brick; including 110’ water towers and walls twelve stories high.  He has also designed and airbrushed vehicles for public and commercial organizations attracting attention to their programs. 

 Bob welcomes the challenge of accomplishing painted graphics and artwork wherever, whatever and whenever it presents itself.  Viewing his portfolio will give you a feel of the many different styles and projects he is capable of. 

*All murals and designs on these pages are created by Bob and painted with artist oils and enamels unless otherwise noted.

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